Increase the availability of your equipment – with EagleBurgmann HR seals

The operating conditions for dredger pumps are extraordinary harsh and demanding, particularly with respect to the pumped medium. This is extremely abrasive and high in solids with particle sizes from just a few micrometers up to 200 mm (7.87"), placing massive stresses on the pump and its shaft seal.

Compression packings or lip seals are often used in typical dredger pumps to seal the rotating shaft from the housing. The service life of these seals is very limited, often as short as just 3 months. Replacing worn or damaged seals is a technically very demanding task; it is also time-consuming and correspondingly expensive.

The EagleBurgmann HR series have it all, both economically and technically: longer service life, longer MTBF interval and fast ROI.


No more fault-prone lip seals

Fast return on investment

Significantly longer seal life

Can be used with up to 60 % solids content

No flushing of the seal required

Details about the HR series
Details about the HR series

Additional information about the HR series can be found here...

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